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Money-back guarantee policy: The money-back guarantee policy, for any of our visitors who find some products displayed on our website interesting and eventually purchase that product may pay through Clickbank or Pay pal. These companies have well established money-back guarantee policy up to 90 days and uses a well known reputable, secure payment processor for credit cards transactions online.  We strongly suggest to any of our website visitors who purchases product(s) to read the products money-back guarantee as well as that of Clickbank or Pay pal or any of our Vendors, Marchants  or Advertisers return policy. Also, is welling and actively looking forward to do business with any third party vendor who follows the same business practice.

SPAM: have zero spam tolerance policy.
Tips if I shop online what will sites learn from me.  There are several ways  by which the website you visit can collect information about you.  For example, some may automatically gather certain details about the people who visit their website, including their computer’s operating system, their browser type, internet service provider, and the history. Their activities at that site (such as which pages they visit)  other sites require you to register certain information before you can enter them. A website operator might also be able to collect your email address, particularly if you’ve sent email to their site.  Websites vary regarding what they do with any such information they collected.  Please note that does not control the conduct of the sites you visited outside Platinum domain (that is any site whose URL doesn’t include or what they do with information they collect about you or from you.  Even if provides a links to some web pages, this does not mean that endorse the text, graphics, software, or other files available from that particular website. provides such link simply as a convenience to its users, and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, content, quality, or privacy and policy practices of such site. And WE RESPECT EACH AND EVERYBODY POLICY, TERMS, PRIVACY, AND RIGHTS.  WHILE WE PROMOTE MANY MARCHANTS  and VENDORS  PRODUCTS THROUGH THIS WE PAGES ,  WE ENCOURAGE  THE PUBLIC WHO MAY IN ONE WAY OR THE OTHER  BE PLEASED WITH EACH OF THE  PRODUCTS WE PROMOTE AND ITS MERCHANT.  VISITORS, IF YOU VISIT ANY WEBSITE PLEASE READ THEIR  TERMS, TERMS OF USE, POLICES, CONDITIONS, RETURN POLICES, RULES,  REGULATION AND DISCLAIMER OR SIMILAR WORDS  ETC, OF ANY PRODUCT AND ITS MARCHANT AND FELLOW THEIR  CONDITIONS AND RECORMADATIONS  ACCORDIANLY.  EKWEINC.COM, IT'S  STAFFS AND MANAGEMENT WILL NOT BE HELD LAIBLE FOR ANYBODY  NOT COMPLING WITH THE MARCHANTS PRODUCT CONDITIONS OR RECOMMANDATIONS.

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