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cb66Powerful Affirmation Program

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Powerful Affirmation Program

Powerful Affirmation Program. Affirmation Goal Setting Motivational Software, For Improved Mental / physical Health & Personal Growth. The Powerful Affirmation Program:  Takes you step-by-step through a personalized 12-Day Plan for Success. You will learn how to easily create powerful affirmations customized to your own needs and desires. (Note: You can repeat the 12-day plan as often as you like.)  Subliminal Messaging Prog ram: Sculptor uses a powerful Subliminal Messaging feature which displays subliminally on your computer monitor while you practice your affirmations. You have complete control over these messages, you can add, modify, and delete them. You also have control over frequency and duration. These work magically to effortlessly program your unconscious mind  for more information and other positive affirmation programs are available...

Mind Power - Techniques To Unleash Your Ultimate Human PotentialHigh Converting Self-help, Success and Mind Power Product. Its Sales Funnel optimized By A Top Copywriters and it Converts 12.16% Of Visitors To Buyers On Averaging Up To 16% On Highly Targeted Traffic.
The Science Of Self Improvement is the Very Best Psychology And Self Improvement Guides. Includes Many Bonus Guides: Meditation Guide, 31 Day Workbook, Gratitude Workbook, Self Affirmations Guide, And Big Goals Guide. Amazing Value.

Super Chakra Healing System is a Cutting Edge Chakra Healing System. 7 Chakra Hypno-meditation Mp3's, 8 Healing Chakra Music With Subliminal Affirmations Mp3's, Over 9 Hours Of Healing Chakra Recordings. Also Included Are 117 Page Chakra E-book, And A Bonus Valued At $97.
The Permanent Stop Smoking Solution is The Only Quit Smoking Method Available Today That Attacks The Smoking Habit On The Conscious And Subconscious Levels. Supplies A Complete Quit Smoking Book, 2 Self Hypnosis Recordings, Follow Up Affirmations And Bonuses.
Your Career, Build It Your Way, An Ultimate Career Building GuideUltimate Book On Career Development. 60 Pages. Powers Of Affirmations Revealed, Inspiring Career Stories By Leading Hr Expert Of 15 Years. Earn 60% Commission Now. Unique Career and Job Guide. Surefire Game Changer From Job To Career. Find Affiliate Tools

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